Let it go…

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Yesterday did not go as planned.

We had made plans to head into the city for a picnic in the Public Gardens and to take in a shark autopsy (necropsy) at the Museum of Natural History. Not everyone was thrilled about the plans from the start, but I persisted because one kiddo was slightly interesting in the shark part, and I have been really wanting to go to the gardens this spring.

By the time the house started stirring in the morning I could tell things might not work out as planned. There was resistance to going into the city. There was resistance to seeing a dead shark. There was simply a feeling of wanting to stick closer to home.

I thought about going alone. That would not have been the end of the world, but I also wanted to have a family day. By mid-morning I realized that the best thing to do was to let it go.

Let go of the idea in my head. Let go of the resistance. Let go of the plans.

While I don’t always believe changing plans because of resistance is the right thing to do, in this case it was just what we needed.

We all needed a simple day to relax, connect and simply be.

We puttered around the house; we caught up on chores; we went to the beach down the road; and we roasted dinner over the fire out back.

I would say it was a pretty great Plan B.

Just what we needed.

~ Dawn



6 thoughts on “Let it go…

    • Dawn says:

      It is not a new issue with one of the kids, but as they get older the desires to do (or not to do) certain things has certainly shifted.

  1. Trace says:

    ” . . . went to the beach down the road . . . ” Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Plan B like that! Sounds like such a beautiful day!

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