Writing and Photography

Other places you can find my writing and photography include:

Mud Puddles to Meteors – My blogging home away from this here little internet home.

Alphabet Glue Summer Science Specials – AG is a downloadable e-magazine for families who love books and kitchen table science.

Kindred Magazine  – A beautiful ad-free magazine filled with gorgeous photography and beautiful storytelling.

Action Pack – While there are no new Action Packs being created the back issues are filled with awesome activities. Check them out!

Cabot Trail In Winter – A little book I photographed years ago about one of the most amazing routes in Nova Scoita.

Coming Soon

Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities That Explore the Wonders of Weather (Roost Books, April 2016)

Available for pre-order through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Chapters.

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