Today I spent time with a friend in the forest, along the creek, and at the trickling falls. It is always nice to be with someone who notices the same way I do: with a still child-like sense of wonder and appreciation for the simple things in nature.

Toad 3-1While the photo above looks like an abstract, can you spy the critter hiding out down there under the water?

(You can click on the picture to make it bigger if you are the curious type!)

Pond skaters 2-1Pond skaters skating on the sky.

whirly gigs 1-1

Whirligigs are always entertaining to watch (if not a bit difficult to capture with camera).

bubbles 4-1Saponins make for the best bubbles and swirls along the churning creeks.

fall leaf 2-1

Yes, the signs are few but clearly here.

 We have seem a lot of changes around these parts lately (fall leaves being the least of them), but the wonder and noticing never cease.

Are you taking time to notice little things?

I hope so.

~ Dawn



4 thoughts on “Noticing…

  1. Yanic says:

    Beautiful pictures… And YES! I might be one of the most frustrating people to people that don’t notice. But I think it,s an amazing quality. Nothing is boring when you notice everything. Cause then even a trail you’ve hiked a million time feels new.

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